5 things people hate about Fantasy Premier League


The anticipation is building ahead of the 2016/17 Fantasy Premier League season, but it’s worth keeping in mind the things that drive people crazy about the game.

To start with, let’s look at the Bonus Points System.

One of the beauties of Fantasy Premier League is that players are rewarded for their on-the-field heroics with additional points, ranging from 1 to 3. If a player scores a hat-trick, he’ll be a shoe-in for 3 extra bonus points. If a defender keeps a clean sheet and scores a goal, similar scenario.

The messy bit comes when a player who’s been dragging his arse aboit for less than 90 minutes, concedes goals, makes mistakes and then inexplicably gets 3 points added to their tally. Case in point, Bacary Sagna.

Casuals succeeding

If you make a transfer during the season, you already take the game more seriously than most. It’s just a fact of the game.

People with little to no interest in the Premier League will be persuaded to create a team in August, then they’ll forget about until May. And this is fine. Until you realise that those dead teams did better than yours! Ouch.
Another irritation of FPL is the pain caused by the ominous ‘what if’ moment of a missed opportunity.

Bench fails

Benching the wrong player can have FPL players reaching for their laptops and hurling them out the nearest window.

No doubt, this drawback inspired the introduction of the Bench Boost chip for 15/16 campaign. Probably.

Next up, creeping its way onto this list, is the speed of the official site to update once a Gameweek’s done and dusted.

People love to gloat and show off their green arrows. But the magic is lost somewhat when managers need to wait until the day after to see their triumph in reality. And by that time, the people they show off to probably don’t care as much.

A minor quibble, but enough to get backs up for those addicted to FPL.

And, lastly, one thing that grinds the gears of many a Fantasy Premier League manager.

International breaks

So annoying…

What are the things that drive you up the wall about FPL? Comment below or tweet me @JoeRyan365.


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