The Triple Captain chip, an alternative POV

‘Save it for a DGW’ may well be your first reaction to the question ‘when should I use my Triple Captain chip?’.

But is it really that straight forward?

I know at the start of the season, I said it would be wise to save that chip for those elusive Double Gameweeks.

The theory is sound. Your player has a chance to score big in two games, with thrice the points. I get it.

That’s the ‘safe’ play, for sure.

But what if you throw caution to the wind and play your TC chip on a Single Gameweek?

Is it all that bad?

Do the risk takers really need to cower away at the thought of everyone else using their armband enhancer during a Double Gameweek?

I’m not so sure they should.

Think about it.

Let’s say everyone (who can) plumps for Aguero Triple Captain in a DGW.

Most will.

But what if…

Say Kun goes on to score 3 goals across the two games of a DGW.

A decent return.

Maybe 20 points in total. Times that by three. 60.

Keep in mind, those folk who used their TC chip elsewhere can still captain Kun too.

And that would mean 40 points for them.

They miss out on 20 when compared to the Aguero-DGW-TCers.

’20 points could be massive! You’d be an idiot to play Triple Captain at any other time than DGW’ I hear you think.

Well, here’s how this one idiot got on…

And, so, taking the aforementioned hypothetical 20-point haul from Aguero in to account, Costa’s 12 points tripled up in Gameweek 9 mean that I’d only miss out on 8 points overall (if you captained Costa when I TC’ed him).

And what’s 8 points?

What I’m getting at is that the Triple Captain chip really is only a 1.5x multiplier. Provided everyone’s captain/triple captains are the same.

Are you expecting Kun, or anyone else for that matter, to capture much more than 20 points in a DGW?

I’m not.

And if they do, us caution throwers may not be far behind.



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