[Guest post from @laymybet] How to earn a risk-free £13 this weekend

This article is brought to you in partnership with Lay My Bet.

This is something a little different to the usual FPL content.

But, it’s well worth a read.

It’ll make you money.



You’ve seen your fair share of betting adverts, right?


Betting’s a mugs’ game, right?


Well, there’s a way you can be guaranteed to make money from every bookmaker.


Welcome to Matched Betting.

Basically, matched betting is a system that lets you play the bookmaker’s opening offers to your advantage, laying off bets to qualify for free bets, and then repeating the process to cash in that free bet money. Sounds good.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated, though, Lay My Bet are here to help …

For instance, Coral are currently offering a £20 free bet for new users.

With the help of a detailed Matched Betting Tutorial (and a Matched Betting Calculator which does most of the hard work for you!) there’s an easy way that you can guarantee to convert at least £13 of that free bet in to real money.

Yes, there are a few steps involved, but here’s a simple example you can try out this weekend (we may as well do something seeing as there’s no FPL action – ed: Joe).

Carpi v Palermo – Saturday 30th January, KO 2.00pm.

Step 1. Open a betting account at Coral (< Ed: use this link to help Joe out) and deposit £5.

Step 2. Open a betfair exchange account (< Ed: use this link to help Joe out, too) and deposit £13.25.

Step 3. At Coral, place a £5 bet on Palermo to win at odds of 3.70.

12637067_10153887872920859_112973930_o (1).jpg

Step 4. On the betfair exchange, lay Palermo, by entering £5.00 in the Lay section (pink button – odds of 3.75).


Once confirmed, you’ve matched your first bet and, no matter the outcome, you’ll actually be down 25p…

“Hang on, you said this would make us money,” I hear you thinking.

A ha, here’s the good bit.

Having done those first few simple steps, you’ve now unlocked a £20 free bet at Coral.

Now, once that Italian match is done – and to be honest, matched betting’s better if you don’t care about the outcome of the matches – then it’s time to unlock the free bet as cash.

So, a few more simple steps to follow on another match you might not care about…

Villarreal v Granada – Saturday 30th January, KO 7.30pm

Step 1. Returning to the betfair exchange, make sure you have £50.91* in that account.

Step 2. At Coral, place your £20 free bet on the draw at odds of 4.20.

Step 3. At the betfair exchange, again lay your bet on the draw, by entering £13.76 in the Lay section (pink button – odds of 4.70).

*You need the £50.91 to cover the liability of the lay bet in step 3. Liability is basically calculated for you via the Lay My Bet Matched Betting Calculator.

You’ve now matched your bet at Coral so, no matter the outcome, you’ll make £13.09, whatever happens over in Spain.

Withdraw your winnings and let us know what you’ll spend it on over on Twitter @laymybet!

And there you have it. Matched betting works.

You don’t just have to take my word for it either .. here’s a case study from the Guardian. Their journalist made a risk-free £700 and even mentions to use sites like Lay My Bet for advice and guidance.


2 thoughts on “[Guest post from @laymybet] How to earn a risk-free £13 this weekend

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