Lesson learned from the leaders of the FFM League

Gameweek 23 is gone.

There’s now a bit of a break until the next burst of Premier League fun & games.

So, it’s a great time to have a look at how the leaders of the FFM League got on in a Gameweek that saw an average of 43 points scored.

In at number 5…

Mark Elias’ Lord of the Ings have been there or there abouts in the FFM League for a while now.

The South African took a points hit ahead of Gameweek 23 to offload KDB and Jamie Vardy and bring in Messers Payet and Aguero.

A solid captain pick later and the decision looks to have paid off handsomely.

In 4th spot in the FFM League is Keeds Ellis, an Arsenal fan who may well have been disappointed with the performances of his Gunners (Héctor Bellerín and Mesut Özil).

A decent return from Keeds’ captain pick would have helped soften the blow of the Arsenal defeat.

In at 3 is Kevin Mullender.

Ranked in the top 2,500 worldwide is no mean feat. And with a Gameweek as good as this, you’d be forgiven for thinking this guy knows what he’s doing.

Another Agueroooo captain pick and we’re starting to see a trend here…

In 2nd place in the FFM League sits   Fearghal McCaul who, as is the norm so far, relied on a little Argentine to carry the burden of the captain’s armband.

A nice return, but only good for the number two spot…

And, in at number one. This lot:

Lukaku captain.

Jesse Lingard.

Blanks all round from the back line.

Not a great Gameweek for our leader, Callum Sims.

Callum retained his grip on top spot, but will likely not be best pleased at the performance of his Pathetico Madrid players.

Lesson learned?

Always captain Kun…


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