Time for a bit of a break

At the start of the 2015/16 Premier League season, I set myself an ambitious target.

It was one that I knew would take some gusto.

It may even take a sacrifice or two.

The lofty goal was to create, publish and promote one video to YouTube once a week.

About Fantasy Premier League.

Here’s how it all began:

So, 38 videos was what I aimed to create over the course of the current campaign.

The key component of the videos would be that I gave an honest appraisal on my endeavours, decisions and reactions to my team.

Simple, right?

Well, actually, no.

After 21 Gameweeks and 66 videos(!).

I need to take a break.

Let me explain…

Story time

Now, I’m no expert.

Not when it comes to FPL, at least.

That was plain to see, once the Premier League season got up and running.

My current ranking = 911,447.

I didn’t really know anyone who played this silly little game, barring the 20-or-so lads that I’ve taken on in mini-leagues in and outside of work for the last couple of seasons.

I’d heard whispers that there was a community of like-minded folk who may well take FPL a little too seriously for their own good.

I mean “Mate, why’d you take fantasy football so seriously?”…

Well, as detailed in this tale of tinkering with a team, I sometimes did take my Fantasy Premier League team too seriously.

And I’ve definitely taken all of this a bit too seriously these last few weeks.

The desperation was partly quelled via these New Year’s Resolutions:

Getting the word out

From the early beginnings of the YouTube channel, I was hoping it would act as a place for us to chat about FPL and, ultimately, have a laugh.

But, what would be the point if no one knew about it?

So, I took to Twitter.

I didn’t expect much.

For some reason, my videos began to pick up some interest.

I think thanks need to go to Twitter heavyweights @FantasyYIRMA and @FPLhints for their RTs and shout-outs that gave my channel the boost I was never too sure it warranted.

I was on to something, though.

I must have been.

1,400 or so have submitted their seal of approval by hitting the Subscribe button over on the Fantasy Football Manager YouTube channel.

I’ve picked up 1,100 new Twitter followers.

Some of you even bought me a pint


Something more

But, hang on, would it really be that interesting for someone to talk about their own Fantasy team every week?

Not for me, it wasn’t.

I wanted to come up with something special.

Something memorable.

Then it came to me.

While playing about with making gifs for deciding who you should replace Aguero with, I remembered the old way we used to get football updates.

And came up with this…

And, wouldn’t you know it, someone approached me saying they could turn that gif into an actual website.

The FPL Videprinter actually came to life, and continues to work a treat, courtesy of @FPL_Alerts.

Great work! Even if it wasn’t made by me, I’m still really proud of it.

The craft

Now, the process of creating a video is actually refreshingly rewarding and surprisingly straight forward.

I even went and made a video, via a YouTube live stream, about how to make a video for YouTube.

How very meta of me, I know.

When I began my YouTube adventure, I did take time to flick through tutorial videos and see just how it’s done.

You see, I’m a geek, really.

And, to get videos right, it does take time.

A lot of time, in fact.

A normal 5-minute video takes me at least 2 hours to record, edit, upload & promote.

That’s a lot, when you think I’ve done 66 in just over 5 months.

Time to take stock

It does turn out that, actually, learning how to cobble together a screencast video that includes effects, music, transitions and me on the camera can come in pretty handy in my professional life, too.

Those in the know, know what I mean.

And, as of now, that work needs to be taken more seriously.

This is by no means the end of my Fantasy Football Manager project.

But I need to rest, re-charge and reinvigorate myself as, right now, when it comes to FPL it feels like I’ve been there, done that, designed and bought the t-shirt

So, thank you for getting this far.

We’re on a break.


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