The real value of a good goalie.

They say keepers are crazy.

Crazy good for your Fantasy Premier League team, I say.

An often overlooked position when it comes to FPL is that man in the gloves.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests you should never take a points hit to bring in a keeper.

You should spend your time elsewhere.

Sure up your defence.

Make your midfield more likely to pull in points.

Add fire power to your frontline.

Then, and only then, should you really even bother backing up your man between the sticks.

Well, what a load of codswollop that is…

Followers of my team will be well aware of the pitfalls of picking a differential. But backing Brad Guzan when Villa are flailing and the failure of Fabianski make for unpleasant viewing.

Changes are required.

15 Gameweeks of goals against a starting goalkeeper are plenty. Too many.

Cech, mate.

There’s your answer.

He may not have won the Gameweek 16 Captain vote (thanks), but Petr produced a solid 6 points by being my first starting goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet this season.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen plenty of clean sheet returns from your GK.



Nearly half of you have had at least 5 clean sheets from your goalie. That’s at least 20 points more than someone who, say, has only had one all season – like me.

And what does 20+ points equate to?

Well, at the time of writing, Nordic-ing Around FC languish in around 560k overall on 826 points.

20 more points is at least 150,000 places. And that’s not even taking any additional bonuses in to account.

So, essentially, the message is clear.

Get a good goalie.


But, then, a-ha, which one clever clogs?

You probably already have Petr Cech (32% of managers do).

You may have had Boaz Myhill.

I’d bet good money that you don’t have Brad Guzan.

Timmy Howard was in my very first team of the season, before I bottled it. I should’ve stuck with the Toffee option seeing as he’s brought in 62 points so far.

Dave De Gea looked a decent shout until United’s squad was decimated through injury and their back line turned in to a veritable ‘who’s that’ of the Premier League Reserves league.

Heurelho Gomes (picked by only 6.8% of FPL managers) may have looked like a hilarious option to begin with when Watford were supposed to be the whipping boys of the league, but look at him now.

78 points via 7 clean sheets and a penalty save are not to be sniffed at.

That run of upcoming fixtures though…



And, so, we get to the meat of the article. Or, to be more in-keeping with who I’ll be bringing in, here’s the filling to our oatcake.

Jack Butland.



Now I’m not intending to go all hipster on you, but I saw what Butland could do back before he was popular.

Back when he ran out at Whaddon Road during a loan spell with Cheltenham Town (my home club). Butland was bound to make it big. And by big, I don’t mean Birmingham City…

With the backup of a Stoke defence that’s more resilient than a pottery kiln on a cold day, Jack the lad has duly soared to the top of the goalkeeper rankings.

85 points.

7 clean sheets.

3 games where he scored 3 bonus points.

And his upcoming games show no signs of stopping that impressive run.


So, even though many would say you shouldn’t take a point hit to bring in a goalkeeper, that’s exactly what’s happening for the Nordic-around FC squad ahead of Gameweek 17.





How’s your keeper doing?

Comment below…


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