Thank you!

For Gameweek 16, I posed the simple question – who should I captain in my FPL team.

Yes, Petr Cech was in there as an option for the armband.

Yes, I wouldn’t have minded if Mesut Ozil was made captain. 

Yes! You picked Lukaku.

Good work, if you were one of those 72. 

You probably know the feeling. 

You spend more than what could be best described as an aeon picking the perfect captain, only for your VC to pick up more points. 

Or, worse still, someone who wasn’t even in the mix.

So you set the goal of picking your best performing player as captain each week.

Sounds simple.

But it’s not.

Which is exactly why I needed help.

Dubious decisions to vote for Cech aside, you duly delivered, with Romelu ‘gunning for Vardy’s record’ Lukaku donning the armband and doubling up.

It’s only Monday morning, so who knows if Chelsea capitulate and let Leicester continue their march to a Champions League spot. 

But, for now, I’m more than happy with the 18 points the big Belgian brought in.


How did your captain do this week?

Comment below…


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