Gameweek 15 review – one to forget

Ever had one of those weekends you’d rather just forget?

Well, my Fantasy Premier League story this week began on a cold Wednesday morning. I say morning,  it was around 3am.

I couldn’t sleep.

What else would I do to pass the time other than tinker with my team?

And, no, that’s not a euphemism.

So, I’m looking at Depay, Martial and Cabaye.

They will be the victims.

They will be taken out.

An 8-point hit, I can handle.

It’s 3am, no one will see this.

So in comes Sterling, Ozil and Ighalo.

Fast forward to the weekend and the first game of the day.

Needless to say, Stoke away isn’t easy at the best of times. But when they decide to turn in to Barcelona and it blows a gale strong enough to dislodge KDB’s corner kicks, you know City will struggle.

Oh, Marko. What a well taken brace that was. Good on you.

And also, how good did Shaqiri look? Assists don’t lie…


So that Stoke win meant I bagged 3 points. From two players. Kolarov and Sterling.

I needed help.

Time to turn to the main man.


The best player in the Premier League* duly delivered with a hat-trick to send Leicester clear at the top of the table.

What a player.

What a team.

What a story.

*in my opinion, right now

I should’ve seen it coming. The captain dream I had should have been about Mahrez making his mark yet again.

Instead I turn to a golden alternative.

Odion Ighalo.

He may have left it late, but Watford’s star man of the season brought home a double figure return.

Dreams can come true…

Now this t-shirt makes sense!

So, after Mahrez and Ighalo notched, I was happy for the week.

Ozil made up 6 of the 8 points I’d sacrificed, and Lukaku landed on the scoresheet yet again (that’s 5 games in a row).

71 points total (-8) isn’t too bad and it brought with it a load of green arrows.

Nordic-around FC is on the rise, but there’s plenty of Gameweeks to go.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 18.28.55

In fact, looking back at that opening paragraph and the title of this story, it wasn’t really a weekend to forget for me (FPL wise)!

The only real memory loss was actually self-inflicted due to a combination of work’s Christmas do, and going to watch FC Copenhagen.

Where they serve beer.

That you can drink in the stands.

Oh dear…


Anyway! How did you get on?

Here’s some reviews from Twitter:

Comment below with yours…


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