Lessons learned from my league’s leaders

KDB – 9/10

Ozil – 7/10

Mahrez – 7/10

Lukaku – 7/10

Bellerin – 7/10

Barkley- 7/10

Ighalo – 2/10

Cech – 1/10

No, that list isn’t my warped way of rating players.

It’s a breakdown of the ownership of key Fantasy Premier League players that appear in the top 10 of the FFM mini-league.

Now, to clarify, I only ever expected about 20 or so people to be a part of this league – that’s the kind of league size I’m used to.

Over 700 of you are now in my league, so I think it’s a decent barometer of what it takes to succeed at FPL.

So, as the title suggests, let’s look at those teams that are leading the league and try to pick out what took them to the top.

Here’s who’s 10th…

Unlucky with that captain pick, Christopher!


The defence may have faultered, but still a healthy return for Shradha.


Moreno is definitely one to keep an eye on, with Liverpool seemingly coming in to some form. Looking good, Adrian.


Barkley + De Bruyne + Ozil = points. You could argue Adam was unlucky with the captain pick. Nice team, though.


Avesh took a hit, but bagged a nice return in GW 14. Interestingly, no KDB in this team. That tactic backfired for me…


Barkley body slammed Bournemouth (who duly recovered well) to bring in some nice captain points. Unlucky with having Martial.


Ouch. Aguero as captain didn’t pay off as many would have hoped and Sanchez is now out. Still, a great return, with some solid FPL players in there. What transfers would you make?


Where did Bolasie come from?!

Great pick. Great team.


A misfiring front-line (bar Vardy) still sees South African Mark among the leaders. I guess it’s just a case of what could have been, if the armband went on another player. Still, solid score so far Mark!

And, in at number 1…

Callum ranks in the top 330 WORLDWIDE. That is some going, even this early in.

Nice work with Richards. Shame the Villa couldn’t get the result.

So there’s the top 10.

What have we learned?

  • Don’t bring in Aguero when he’s not proven to be fit and firing.
  • Don’t take out KDB when he’s about to bring in a gut full of points.
  • Mesut is a must.
  • Captain Lukaku for consistency.
  • Have faith in your Villa defenders.

What’s your take on all this?

Comment below…


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