Seeing as it’s Christmas…

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Don’t worry.

Me neither.

Every year, I bet you go through the same old rigmarole of saying to yourself, “I’ll get this done early, get it out of the way and relax.”

Yeah, and how has that been working out for you?

I know it’s not going well for me.

But anyway, while this short post won’t get you any FPL points, transfer tips or captain calls, it will get you 15% off from the FFM Shop.

Just use the code MERRY15 in the checkout.

I’m reliably informed that this will work a treat – up until December 7th at least.

They even have an option for gift wrapping – or so I’m told.

I know I’m going to be stocking up for myself!

It’s not just the tee you see me wearing, either.

There’s plenty of colour options and different designs to choose from as well as hoodies, polos and even pants…

Happy FPL festivities!


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