Busting the bandwagon debate

So, you probably know the feeling.

You spend all week carefully crafting your FPL team. 

You agonize over each transfer and captain call, only for some under-the-radar upstart to bowl in and bag the top points in the Gameweek.

“I wish I would have picked him,” you murmur to yourself.

Then you go onto your FPL forum of choice and see a familiar term rear its ugly head. 

A word that gets banded about in abundance.


It happened when United made a move for Martial and he scored against Liverpool.

It happened when Harry Kane decided to start showing up for Spurs.

Basically, a bandwagon happens every week. Whenever one player does well, they’re instantly jumped on by shrewd FPL managers looking to pick up points.

The downside being that they’re labeled as just a bandwagon move and you should beware.

But is it really that bad a move?

How often does bagging a bandwagon player pay off?

In the past, I have been one to avoid  bouncing on to said ‘bandwagons’. But then again, look how much good differentials have done me so far this season (here).

So, I wanted to take a bit of a longer look at this.

Everyone who logs in to the FPL site is greeted by the Top Players section. 

And for this article, this is a good place to start.

Form is king

A decent run of form in Fantasy Premier League terms could generally be considered to be scoring above average points in 3 consecutive Gameweeks. 

At least, that’s how I’ll be quantifying it in this article.

How many of the top points scorers went on to perform well in the following two Gameweeks?

Let’s take a look…

  • Gameweek 1 – Yaya Toure


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


For those first few weeks. Only.

  • Gameweek 2 – Romelu Lukaku


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


But he would come good again.

  • Gameweek 3 – Callum Wilson


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

Sort of.

He did provide a very cheap 3rd forward option before falling foul to injury.

  • Gameweek 4 –  Dusan Tadic


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

Definitely not.

  • Gameweek 5 – Steven Naismith


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

Definitely not.

  • Gameweek 7 – Alexis Sanchez


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

100% yes.

You’d have been a fool not to. 

I didn’t.

*insert unhappy smilie*

  • Gameweek 8 – Sergio Aguero


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

Nope, but only due to injury.

  • Gameweek 9 – Georginio Wijnaldum


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


  • Gameweek 10 – Harry Kane 


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

100% yes.

If you’re still not on it yet, you probably should be.

  • Gameweek 11 – Arouna Kone


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


Not for me.

  • Gameweek 12 – Jesse Lingard


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


It was a weird Gameweek, that one.

  • Gameweek 13 – Ross Barkley


Bandwagon embarkation worthy?


He’s cheap, he’s scoring, what more do you want?!

  • Gameweek 14 – Kevin De Bruyne

Bandwagon embarkation worthy?

You tell me.

Looking back

So that’s four (and a half – Callum Wilson was sort of worthy) of the top performing players who you could have brought in amidst the bandwagon hype and succeeded.

Yaya Toure

Alexis Sanchez 

Harry Kane 

Ross Barkley

Some familiar names for FPL veterans, right?

Maybe a belief that bandwagon players are bad isn’t one to band about after all.

I admit, my mindset’s shifted on the back of this Top Player analysis.

If there’s a player featuring in the Top Players section who’s playing for one of the top teams, I won’t be hesitating to bring them in.

Of course, a bandwagon can also be defined as being a player who was transferred in by the most managers each week but the Top Players is what I’ve looked at for now.

There can always be another article on that topic down the line.

Right, I’m off to plan a way of getting Kane, Barkley and De Bruyne in to my squad.

How about you? Let me know your thoughts…


9 thoughts on “Busting the bandwagon debate

  1. Nice bit of analysis

    This just highlights that if someone scores big you should really evaluate the player before points chasing.

    I recall last season when Bolasie scored a hat trick, the amount of people who piled in and took points hits to get him in was unreal, and yet if they had seen his previous scores they would have seen that this was more than likely a one off rather than the start of a massive points run.

    On the subject of De Bruyne I would say that he is likely to carry on scoring well, but then I would say that, I’ve got him in my team.


    • Cheers for the feedback, FFF.

      Yeah, it’s an interesting one. KDB was in my team, before I panicked to bring in Aguero. Now Aguero’s out and Sterling’s in.

      The merry-go-round of FPL sure is a fun old ride!


  2. Nice one. I think the underlying point of this is that bandwagons can still be very valid if they are backed up by proven quality. Yes you’ll still get the odd player breaking through and becoming consistent but in general if someone that has a proven history of points smashes a good score it’s a valid and sensible move to get them in. The less proven Prem players might work out but must still be considered punts.

    I wouldn’t have called any of the 4 above bandwagons, they’d have been sensible plays off the back of a show that they have still got it and still want it.


    • I think it’s just an argument for the age old adage that class is permanent, form is temporary. And when class gets some form, it’s worth bringing in them in to your fantasy team!

      Cheers for reading, and the comment, too.


  3. Stop pretending 2 take the game seriously u casual
    I was starting to think that u were taking the game seriously b4 u captained coleman
    Visit http://www.triggerlips.com for expert fpl analaysis
    And then u ask us 2 buy u pints of beer 4 ur rubbish insight
    For some reason many people must have bought u pints because some of ur decisions could surely have been made by a drunk person
    Dont dare act like an expert ever again when in reality u know nothing about the game


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