Is a dramatic change in order?

Definitely maybe.

After a lackluster FPL performance at the weekend – here’s what I was thinking – it’s a natural reaction to want to correct the obviously glaring public mistake.

Taking out KDB to bring in Aguero didn’t work out. 

Oh, well.

There’s always next week.

So, how do you go about correcting such a catastrophic call?

Well, having read the Chief’s interview with 13/14 FPL champion Tom Fenley, the answer seems to be simple. 


Yes, it may not be as entertaining as captaining Matt Ritchie or as bold as putting your Triple Captain chip on Diego Costa – but it works.

Go for the in-form big hitters with high ownership.

Ross Barkley.

Mesut Ozil.

Jamie Vardy.

Riyad Mahrez.

Kevin De Bruyne.

Harry Kane.

Romelu Lukaku.

Not as many people have this combo as you may think (cheers @pmxmsg)…

But this lot look a lot better than Mata, Memphis and the other ‘differentials’ I’ve been aiming at.

That means a new tactic is in order. 

I’ll be brining in these in-form players over the next few weeks.


The myth of differentials and trying to buck the trends has got me to the dizzying heights of:

So something’s got to give.

Maybe next week my captain will shine…



2 thoughts on “Is a dramatic change in order?

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