Who’s on the brink of a ban? Suspension tightrope – GW13


As the season gets in to gear, there comes a time where the failings of our favourite FPL players need to be considered.

You may well be planning ahead a few gameweeks at a time. You may well have decided on a differential, carefully crafted based on a bumper run of games.

“Crystal Palace’s games look decent”, you may say to yourself. “I should probably bring in that Yohan Cabaye fella. Maybe Zaha as well. I’m a genius!”

But hold your horses (or Eagles)…

Both of these sensible suggestions are actually walking the suspension tightrope – i.e. they’re one yellow card away from missing out the next game.

“Good point… But who else is on the brink of a ban?”

Well, funny you should ask, I just so happened to make a video on this very subject…

So, who would you gamble on out of this lot?

And remember to ask yourself, “Mate, why’d you take fantasy football so seriously?”.


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