Locked in for Gameweek 13

So after yet another tedious and tortuous international break*, the Premier League circus finally rolls back in to town this weekend.

Oh, happy days.

But, hold on a minute, what’s that asterisk doing in the opening line?

*that wasn’t all that bad.

Oh, okay.

Usually, the international break elicits a chorus of boos and jeers from us foolhardy Fantasy Premier League enthusiasts.

We’re hooked on that weekly fix of potential points and bragging rights, looking for green arrows via creative or considered captain calls.

There’s something missing when the Premier League elite don their nation’s kits and play for the pride of representing their respective countries.

But this break was different. For one, it meant more – Ireland being the case in point.

With a surname like Ryan, you can probably tell I have a bit of Irish in me.

So I duly rolly-pollied like a leprechaun when the boys in Green did the business and qualified to Euro 2016. Good on them.

Now, finally, it’s time to talk FPL – the reason you’re reading this.

Like the FPL Videprinter? You can now support it's development...

Like the FPL Videprinter? Click here to support its development…

Thankfully, no major casualties have cropped up on the back of the break – at least, not for my ragtag bunch.

Only Jamie ‘inappropriate discussion results in physical altercation’ Vardy and Anthony Martial are doubts, and that could well change ahead of the weekend.

So, here’s my lineup for Gameweek 13.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 16.17.37

My Payet replacement is clear > Lanzini.

Yes, I’m still avoiding Arsenal. It seems that every blog and his dog has been recommending Mesut Ozil as the obvious switch, so I’m going to be different.

Oh, and Lanzini means I also save a few pennies for the imminent re-acquisition of Sergio Aguero somewhere down the line…

As for who gets the armband, I’m following the tried and tested method of captaining a player who’s playing against Aston Villa. This is purely for the fact that if I jinx him, he fails and Villa likely do well. A theory that worked well enough in Gameweek 12.

How are your plans shaping up?

Comment below.


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