Introducing the FPL Alerts Videprinter

There’s a new way to follow FPL, and, well, it might look familiar.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll remember that, back in the day, Ceefax and teletext were pretty much the only ways to get the latest football news.

Well, it’s back. And now, along with #FFMfax, you can get your FPL alerts like this:

FFMfax intro

On the back of the fine work by the genius that is @FPL_Alerts, my dream of having FPL alerts in a videprinter format has now come to fruition.

You’ll get alerted whenever there’s a goal, an assist, bonus points added, an injury update and more.


Got some feedback? Submit it below…


2 thoughts on “Introducing the FPL Alerts Videprinter

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