#FFMLive will be back for GW12

It’s Friday. You’ve done it, you’ve made it through the week and it’s time to kick back, relax and look ahead to another weekend of Fantasy Premier League.

Enter #FFMLive.

Over on the Fantasy Football Manager YouTube channel, I’ll be hosting another live stream, kicking off at 7pm UK time this glorious Friday night.

To get involved, just tweet me your teams, your top tips, your comments/questions/abuse…

Whatever way you want to get involved is fine by me.

Along with your teams, I’ll be showcasing my lineup and talking through my new tactic for Gameweek 12. I’ll also provide an update on my league, so you can see who’s leading the way and how they got there.

I may even have a special guest or two in the live chat…

It should be a laugh – I might even mess up a few times. And that’s part of the fun.
As always, the stream will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel, so don’t worry if you can’t make it.





One thought on “#FFMLive will be back for GW12

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