How’s your team doing? #FFMLive league update

So, Gameweek 11 is done and dusted, so let’s take a look at who’s the top dogs in the FFM league.

Before we get to those at the higher echelons, here’s how this site’s creator’s team did…


Fabianski in goals? KDB captain over Romelu? Sticking with Mata and Martial? Do you even have a clue?!

All these questions – and more – will be answered in an upcoming YouTube video, but for now know this: my team is mediocre. A manifestation of carefully crafted thoughts that ultimately fall slap bang into the average category. A category we actively strive to avoid but more than likely will fall in to at some point.

Anyway, I digress. Enough about my transfer turmoil and tactical choices. Let’s look at those bright sparks who have so far slipped away from the clutches of mediocrity.

Props to you if you’re one of these ten:


And here’s how the leader did in Gameweek 11…

How did you get on, and how’s your team looking? Let me know below…


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