Introducing #FFMfax

We all need to slow down a bit.

Remember the good old days?


Back in a bygone era (basically, pre-digital tv), we didn’t get our news from Twitter. We didn’t have an app that told us the football scores. We had to be patient. We had a TV, a remote and had to press some actual buttons.

And it’s about time this experience was brought back.

Introducing #FFMfax, a new way to get your Fantasy Premier League news.

Want FFM alerts direct in your inbox?

Fill out the form below…

Which story do you want to see?

Either reply below or tweet me (@JoeRyan365) with JUST the page number that you want to see AND the #FFMfax hash-tag.

It might take a while for you to get your reply…

But that’s the point!

*Some of these will link to other sites, some will link to more #FFMfax-style stories.



2 thoughts on “Introducing #FFMfax

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