The Cédric situation – what’s your view?

Gameweek 9 is nearly done and dusted and there’s been one interesting talking point – the Cédric situation.

Over on Twitter, I’ve been privy to plenty of posturing about the Premier League’s decision to pull the plug on clean sheet points for a player who played less than 60 minutes.

Cédric Ricardo Alves Soares, who has played a pivotal part of Southampton’s season so far, has become a stalwart for shrewd Fantasy Premier League managers looking to capitalise on the clean sheet capabilities of the young Portuguese international.


And now, Cédric is at the centre of a storm of controversy.

On first viewing, it’s an innocuous run-of-the-mill occurence that people who play FPL have become accustomed to. A player gets awarded points midway through a game, only for them to be taken away after the game. This happens. The Premier League makes mistakes. You would to.

Another activity FPL players have become accustomed to, in the aftermath of a dodgy decision, is to take to Twitter to talk through their torment.

Twitter is a tremendous way to take the michael. Parody accounts are aplenty and mocked up letters that mock those sensitive souls who take things too far are a personal favourite.

Which is why I watched on with a smirk when someone wrote to the Premier League at length to explain their gripe with the decision to withdraw Cédric’s points.

I thought this was a joke…

I hope it is.

Not that you asked, but my view is that you shouldn’t take this game too seriously.

What’s yours?

Comment below…


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