To hit or not to hit, that is the question.

This week’s cortex crushing conundrum revolves around the question of point hits.

To hit or not to hit.

While the list of high profile casualties swells ever more, it may well be tempting to put your squad to the sword and take some point hits on the way.

But hold on a cotton-picking minute.

Is it really that bad? Can the dregs of your team hold it together for just one measly Gameweek so you can bask in the glory of having TWO free transfers next week?

And therein lies the problem. A Shakespearian dilemma like this deserves a decision derived from deliberate deliberation. The dynamic delight or dreadful downfall of your team won’t depend on you dropping a dud defender.

The more I look at my bedraggled bunch, the more I’m tempted to put Gameweek 9 on the backburner. Bail on making any big transfers and I can enjoy the delights of a double transfer next week without the heartache of a points hit.

What’s your tactic this week?

What would you do with this lot?

Let me know in the comments…


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