International breaks. What’s the point?

Ok, so who do we need to talk to to put an end to international breaks?

From a FPL point of view, which this site is all about, there are only negatives to come out of it.

First, Sergio Aguero got crocked, and now Aleksander Kolarov has fallen foul of the blip known as the break.

Desperate times, desperate measures?

So, while many an FPL manager has taken to early dealings in the transfer market, I’m now ever-so slightly tempted to wait things out.

Saving up a transfer could pay off nicely if I can find the right two players to replace the broken City boys.

If I go down that route, then the only mission is to get find 11 players who are going to start.

Hmmm, this could be tricky…

Any advice for my team?! Comment below…


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