FFM League update ~ Gameweek 8

So, another roller coaster of emotions is behind us, Gameweek 8 is in the books and, as the dust settles, it’s time to reflect on how things have been shaken up in the Fantasy Football Manager FPL league.

I had a decent enough showing, bringing in 70+ points after taking an 8 point hit. I was happy.

I bet you would’ve been a lot happier with your team…

There were three-figure scores a-plenty this week with Messrs De Bruyne, Payet, Eriksen, Vardy and, of course, Aguero delivering big points.

Here’s how the top 10 looks now:

Shout out to Mark Elias’ Lord of the Ings for being the first team to smash the 500-point mark.

He’s also ranked 35th in the world. Not bad.

As for the other half of the table, sorry Alex Mackenzie…

How did your team do and where are you in the rankings? 

Let me know below…



7 thoughts on “FFM League update ~ Gameweek 8

  1. I am very much sad because my team didn’t performed well in this game week because of tha fact that Aguero,Sanchez no one was there in my team.This is my first FPL season and looking for your help.


    • Unlucky, Vishnu. These things happen. Last week I had 24 points, this week 70+. It goes up and down throughout the season, so don’t be too upset. Just try to have fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hey! My names Joe too so kinda feel we have a conception already. Had a bad week also. Only 68 points. Should I bring Sturridge for Aguero? Thanks in advance. Love the videos.


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