Time to give it up?

Well, Gameweek 7 has been fun, hasn’t it? 

If I take off my FPL-tinted blinkers for a moment, then Saturday was one of the most entertaining days of football in a long time.

Spurs whipped Man City 4-1, Alexis became the first player to ever score a hat-trick in La Liga, Serie A and now the Premier League, Man Utd went top of the table and Villa played their part in a 3-2 thriller at Anfield.

Goals. Goals, everywhere.

Now, if I slap on those FPL goggles once again, it was awful. 

The writing was on the wall when Chadli was benched for Spurs. Then when he did come on, he had a goal taken away by the little Son of a…

At least Martial brought in double figures. Just.

What a load of tripe. 

I mentioned in my last YouTube video that there was a competition to finish bottom in FPL.

Barring any Alex McCarthy heroics, I’ve now found myself in contention for that dubious honour.

Ah well. There’s always next week.

(Oh, and due to prior commitments, that picture at the top of this page is the view I had of the football)


5 thoughts on “Time to give it up?

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