Locked in for Gameweek 7

Ok, so another week of cortex crushing conundrums comes to a head as it’s time for more fun and frolics of FPL.

Last week was… emotional.

And, as with anything involving emotions there were duly tears shed. Namely, mine.

Diego Costa, looking like a pub league player, scandalously scrapped and scratched his way to a 3-match ban. The clown.

Then the ballad of Benteke brought about a crippling crescendo with an injury to rule him out for a couple of weeks at least.

I needed help.

There was only one person I could turn to. You.

Well, you and the 1,100-odd people subscribed to my YouTube channel.

So, I put to it to a vote.






And the results are in…

And, as I said on Twitter, whoever gets the most votes gets the captain’s armband.

So, here it is, the new look Nordic-ing Around FC. Locked in and loaded with a 4-point hit.

If this plan succeeds or fails…

It’s all your fault.



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