Who to captain in Gameweek 5?

Gameweek 5 is FINALLY upon us. Are you excited?

If you follow me on Twitter, you can probably tell that I am buzzing for the return of the FPL after the tortuous International Break.

It’s looking like I’ve dodged a few bullets in the form of Silva and Rooney being injured. Two players I was looking at bringing in (if not this week, then maybe next) and possibly worthy captain calls.

So, who to captain this week? Here are a couple of thoughts…

The Foxy one

Personally, I like to mix things up a bit with my captain picks, so this week I’m going for the man Mahrez.

This could end up being win-win for me as, if he does well I get points, but if he fails, then it’s likely due to my beloved Aston Villa doing well, too.

Some things are bigger than FPL, you know?

Red hot Chile player

The one player I would like to have in my team is Alexis Sanchez.

I expect Arsenal to roll over Stoke. If they will, then the spicy Chilean is bound to be among the goals.

I see a few of the FPL experts on Twitter (as discussed in a podcast I did) are going that way, too.

The safe choice

If you have Sergio Aguero, then you can’t go too wrong with picking him as captain this week. Yes, he’s been misfiring. Yes, he’s been half way round the world and back, but also, YES, he is one of (if not THE) best striker in the Premier League.

What do you reckon? Who will be your captain this week?

Comment below…


One thought on “Who to captain in Gameweek 5?

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