Fantasy Premier League | Leagues with cash prizes

The 2017/18 season is upon us and in this article, I’ve got a few FPL leagues where you win cash prizes, and do some good at the same time.

Spoiler alert: One of the leagues is being hosted by the company I work for (obviously).

FFM YouTube League

First of all, I had a small announcement about the structure of the FFM YouTube League this season. Basically, any YouTube Ad Revenue accrued from the Fantasy Football Manager channel (around $300 at time of writing) will be on the line and up for grabs to the winner of the league. Join here. Code: 99636-41249

SmartBets £1,000 League – 18+

This league is FREE to enter and offers up a £1,000 winner-take-all first prize. The only caveat is that you need to create an account at The good thing is, that’s free as well. You just need to be 18 or over. All the details are available here. Keep in mind, I’ll be administering the league… Join here. League code: 99636-383688.

@FPL_Updates’ £500 league

A top follow on Twitter, and consistently one of the highest prize offerings in FPL, look out for some stiff competition if you’re playing in the @FPL_Updates league. Join here. League code: 1655-583.

FPL Alerts’ £100 League

The brawn behind the FPL Videprinter and one of the best follows on Twitter for keeping up with Fantasy Premier League is also hosing a free to enter league with a £100 prize up for grabs. Join here. League code: 864911-208474.

FantasyYirma £100 League

If you’re on Twitter, and you like Fantasy Football, you should be following @FantasyYirma. While offering an irreverent take on fantasy football, along with the occasional pearl of wisdom, the Irish boys are making this year’s Fantasy Premier League interesting with a £100 cash prize on offer. Join here. League code: 3675-1308.

FantasyFootballRUs Cash/Charity league

The last league on my list (for now) is the only pay-to-play league on the list, but it offers up both a chance to win a cash prize, but also donate to charity. Fantasy Football R Us run a league that includes former pro footballers, while donating part of their league’s prizepool to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital and other worth causes. It costs £20 to enter the league and you can get more info, including the league code by writing to or giving them a DM on Twitter @FantasyFootie1.


Got a league with a cash prize? Comment below or write me on Twitter to have your league featured.


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